The Clippers lose to the Suns as Phoenix advances to the NBA Finals.

a person who is frustrated standing near a window looking outside
a person who is frustrated standing near a window looking outside
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I was really looking forward to crushing Diet Mountain Dew with Skip Bayless in L.A. while we celebrated a Clippers championship run. Unfortunately, for now, this will remain a dream.

It’s very disappointing, and right now I’m very disappointed. Currently, I’m writing this just after the Clippers have lost to the Suns as Phoenix moves on to the NBA Finals.

There are so many thoughts going on in my head and a little devastation. So bear with me as I express some of my thoughts here.

I think first off, what I want to say is credit to the Phoenix…

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Dangers of Gambling:

First, let me state that gambling is not to be taken lightly, and in fact, it can become very addicting. According to The Recovery Village, around 10 million Americans currently suffer from a gambling addiction. We tend to view gambling as a fun way to relax after a long day at work, socialize with our friends, or make sports games much more enticing to watch. …

Discussion of the diss track released today.

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What the hell Royce.

You make my head hurt and spin at the same time with this shit.

Today of all days you decide to drop a diss track against Lupe Fiasco and give us an incredible piece of art. So incredible it caused me to listen to the track like 3–4 times to fully understand what you’re saying. And I can’t even fully understand a lot of the stuff you say.

Plus you murder this track on a subtle beat? Why didn’t you just give us something calm and relaxing? …

Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels

Khris Middleton, I need to take a minute to apologize to you.

I’ve probably been one of your biggest critics, and my friends have heard me say, “Khris isn’t clutch” or “Take the under on his total points scored.” In fact, these were some things I said last year, particularly during the playoffs at that time.

I really didn’t think you were clutch, and from what I’ve seen in the past, at times, you did seem to fumble during the playoffs for whatever reason.

This year has been different, though. You have proved to me that you can handle the…

A review of King’s Disease.

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King’s Disease released by Nas and Hit-Boy was a good album, but how good? Did it deserve the Grammy for Best Rap Album this year? I don’t really think so.

I’ll dive into each of the tracks and discuss the positives and negatives I had with them and of course the overall album. At the end, I’ll explain more as to why I think it shouldn’t have won that Grammy.

The Introduction of the Disease:

The album by Nas and Hit-Boy is production heavy as we can see by the opening track “King’s Disease.” The most beautiful production…

My quick thoughts on this album

Source: popsmokedaily on Instagram

Is Faith the last album from Pop Smoke?

I’m not sure and you probably aren’t either. I haven’t even listened to the artist much previously, but I did listen to his previous album Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon. But I thought the last album was decent although it didn’t pique my interest. Yet when I have seen that there was going to be a new album released today, I figured I would give this album a listen.

Here’s what I thought of it.

Starting Off Unique:

Through the first few tracks, I was really digging the album first and foremost…

A Quick Overview of Logic’s 2 New Tracks.

Source: Logic on Instagram

Logic over the past two weeks has been teasing us about the Bobby Tarantino 3 album that is supposedly produced and could be ready to go. These teasers have come in his two latest singles, the first being “Vaccine,” which was released last week, and one released today called “Get Up.”

A brief review of the top tracks released this year.

Source: coleworld on Instagram

Today I wanted to discuss my favorite rap songs released so far in 2021. These songs have been released since January. I did not go as far back as December of last year.

For myself, this has been really difficult to narrow down five of the best songs. There were so many projects and tracks that have been released that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. However, I did need to put a couple honorable mentions because it is simply complicated for me not to.

Honourable Mentions:

“Greed” by Ransom featuring Royce Da 5’9:

The first honorable mention goes to “Greed.” This track was by Ransom, featuring Royce da 5'9. Ransom…

A review of DMX’s posthumous album, Exodus

Source: DMX on Instagram

First thing I want to say is rest in peace DMX. It’s unfortunate how over the past couple of years the world has lost many beautiful people tragically. We continue to mourn their loss and importantly, we continue to celebrate their lives and work.

I haven’t really dived into DMX’s discography until his passing. Now that I’m working my way through it, he definitely had this dark and edgy style to his music that I have come to enjoy. …

Source: Logic on Instagram

Since dropping No Pressure, Logic is giving us music once again, although it might not be new. This is what the track “Intro” written by Logic has been alluding to. On this coming Friday, Logic is releasing a collection of his old songs from his previous mixtapes named the Young Sinatra Collection Vol. 1. These songs will be available on all streaming platforms for our listening ears.

As mentioned in the video, he could not get the clearing for all of his older songs, but he has acquired most of them. …

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